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I was born and have been living for 27 years in Crimea - the place is well-known for its fine mountains and sea landscapes. Thanks to my grandfather, I became acquainted and fell in love with painting in my early childhood. During the school years, I studied and painted at an Art Studio, and after leaving school, I continued to paint, improved my skills, and engaged in figured woodcarving. In 1990 I immigrated to Israel, and 17 years later, moved to Canada with my wife and two children. Currently, I live and work as an artist in Toronto.
-I’ve always loved painting and dreamed to
be an artist since I remember myself. I was
sketching, drawing, painting (oil and
watercolor), wood carving, poker working
(etching on wood) during the childhood
and adolescence, but when I grew up, I had
a long break, and did not paint or do any
artworks - life, you know…
Only few years ago I returned back to my
passion, since then I don’t have a day
without brush in my hand.